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6 Best Apps for Small Business Owners

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Using apps created for businesses can greatly help simplify a lot of operational matters. Whether you want to promote your business, communicate with the team, or work more productively, you can find a business app that suits your purpose and needs.

But with so many apps available on the market, selecting the best ones can seem a little daunting. To help you navigate through the large amount of apps, Troy Business Grouphas carried out the search and compiled a list of 6 apps that are great for small business owners.

1. Kashoo

Managing finances will seem like a breeze with Kashoo. The finance app supports a lot of features that will make your task easier when it comes to managing finances.

With Kashoo, small business owners can send invoices to customers and process credit card payments. A notable feature of this app is a multi-currency option, which allows you to receive payments from customers from different geographical locations.

Moreover, the app allows the filing of taxes and preparation of accounting reports such as income statements, trial balance, general ledger, balance sheets, and more.

2. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a great tool to communicate with your team. By using this app, you can create a webinar that can be viewed on-demand.

You can also use the app to connect with your target audience and create surveys, polls, and Q&A sessions. The insights gathered using this tool can be used to improve the quality of your service.

3. LogMeIn

Another great app for small business users is LogMeIn. The app allows you to work remotely by providing secure access to your PC from anywhere. You can also give access to other users to view or change files stored in your PC.  You can manage the team and supervise their work using the software as well.

4. Slack

Slack is a great collaborative tool for small business owners. The online app allows you to connect with individuals and share files online.

A great thing about this app is that it can integrate with thousands of other apps. You can integrate the online app with Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other online applications for enhanced functionalities. 

5. Wave

Wave is an accounting software that is specially designed for small business owners and self-employed individuals. The application allows you to track expenses and revenues of your business. You can easily manage customer payments and invoices as well.

The app also allows you to pay salaries, scan receipts, and generate reports. With this app, you can manage all your finances from one place.

6. My Minutes

My Minutes is a productivity app that allows users to schedule their time more productively. You can create goals such as ‘work out 30 minutes’ or ‘spend only one-hour answering emails’. Using the app will allow you to cut down time on unproductive tasks, and remain focused on important business matters.

Contact AmeriDream Capital if you want help in managing your business just like these apps do, but more in depth. We help small and medium-sized firms in managing different aspects of their business such as marketing, branding, credit card financing, bookkeeping, receivables management, and much more.

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