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We are a full-service business financing firm with consultants that specialize in Business Financing.

AmeriDream Capital

We are  a Full-Service Business Financing Firm that provides working capital to U.S Company’s. We also work with the best bank and non-bank lenders in the nation in order to provide our clients with access to 20 Business Financing Products. We work with businesses of All Sizes across over 1200 Different Industries.

Our goal is to be our clients one-stop Business Financing shop that is ready to meet any potential need for capital for their companies. We have seasoned consultants that not only have tons of experience with providing financing for a specific set of our products.

A lot of them have also owned or own stakes in businesses across many industries. This extra insight into how our clients’ businesses work helps our consultants secure capital for our clients quicker. Plus it also helps us guide our clients on how best to utilize all the financing options available to them in the right stages over time.

Why do companies use AmeriDream Capital?

We provide access to over 20 different Business Financing products please take some time to read up on each one specifically on our site.

We are a unique option for our clients in this Business Financing marketspace. AmeriDream Capital is a true Full-Service Business Financing firm that is here to cater to every need for capital that our clients may have under one umbrella. In comparison to the two other options of how to obtain Business Financing.

One option is to choose between boutique financing shops that provide just one product, that caters to a specific group of businesses. This option usually leaves owners and officers with multiple firms to deal with for each specific business financing need. The other option is a big brand named bank or non-bank lender funder.

That option tends to leave business owners with a lender so large that every merchant is just another number and a revolving door of staff that tends to have business owners having to deal with a new face every time they need additional financing.

When clients choose to work with us they are able to escape the nightmare of having to be on a never-ending search for business financing when they rather be simply running and growing their businesses. AmeriDream Capital is here to solve all of clients’ needs to secure capital for their companies in any capacity.

Our goal is to be our client's trusted business financing partner from inception to the day they sell their business.
ADC Business Consultants are here to offer our clients all of their years of experience in providing capital to companies to grow and expand.

What Companies does AmeriDream Capital Work With

The companies that become our clients vary. It could be a start up business that we are working on an SBA Start Up Loan for or referring over to one of our Angel Investors/Venture Capitalists that would love the deal. Down to a century old brand name client we are providing some Asset Based Lending solutions for. Either way we are here to work with almost all open and active for-profit businesses.

From the very first time, we start working with a new client to our repeat clients we have had for years. Our goal for every interaction is to find out how our clients business is doing at the moment and what their goals are for the business in the near future.

This is how we are able to not only help them secure the proper business financing product but it is how we also help them best utilize the funding to achieve their goals.

Once we have isolated the best business financing product for the task our team will work diligently to produce our best offer for funding. If our clients need longer terms than we can offer or more capital than we can offer.

We have an extensive network of bank and non-bank lenders nationwide, that are the best within their specific segment of business financing. This robust network along with our internal financing team is how we work to the core in order for us to cater to the business community.

Every day we strive to bring to our clients the same commitment to excellence that we expect when we are the clients ourselves out there within the world. Whether you want to finance the next project, develop new marketing/branding strategies, or build your personal and business profiles stronger, AmeriDream Capital has the reach and the means to assist your business with getting it to where you want it to be.

We provide access to over 20 different Business Financing products please take some time to read up on each one specifically on our site.

We are passionate about achieving the best results for our clients. AmeriDream Capital’s goal is always to go beyond just providing financing. It is uniquely tailored towards real business development.

AmeriDream Capital team has tons of expertise in the financial services world. Our partners also run their own Mainstreet business as well. By actually running businesses, we can consult from experience in the actual business world as real-time entrepreneurs.

We are here to be our clients Business Partner not just a simple business funder. Instead of dealing with a transactional funder that is there for one round. When our clients work directly with us, we build and maintain a relationship that can last through generations of a company .

Product Flexibility instead of dealing with a one trick pony bank or funder that will force a client to adhere to their specific box. We have 20 different business financing options for our clients to choose from and the drive to work diligently with them until they reach their goals every single time.

We have custom-tailored options to meet a company's specific needs. ADC works diligently to provide each client with funding terms that fit their goals.
We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for every client that we work with and excel at delivering the capital they desire to grow their business.

Why do companies allow AmeriDream Capital to be their broker and Business Financing Consultants?

If our clients need a variance in their financing offer that is out of our wheelhouse. We do not send them back out into the cold to try to seek a home for the deal they desire. We have an extensive network of lenders and we always put that to use for our clients. Our client can rest assured that we will always be there to provide them with access to the most amount of capital, for the best rates, over the longest term the market has to offer.

Speed since Time is money if a client needs capital in a way that is available on the market. Then it is our job to take the file we have already put so much effort into and know so much about and get our clients what they need immediately. We are here to make sure that we always use our expertise and the strong lender partners within our network to provide our clients with This means a quick turnaround for their funding requests.

Our Expertise in Business Financing after looking at so many files, so many lender approvals and so many declines. It has all become second nature to us what could take a Company owners and officers a lot of time to achieve. Time that could be better spent taking over market share within their business. We have dedicated ourselves to serving the business community. Our experience and industry know-how provide a wide range of tools, serving all of our clients needs.

Exclusiveness the business financing space is riddled with fringe players that all are segmented and focus on one area. This leaves business owners with keeping up with 5-8 business funding relationships instead of one. We are our nation’s number one Full-Service Business Financing company.

Unlimited Access working directly with AmeriDream Capital allows us more options to meet your financing needs. We bring our clients behind the curtain and in on the act of how the world of business financing works. We make certain our clients are always well informed and on the cutting edge of all that the market has to offer.

Underwriting Guidance, Predictable Approvals, & Quicker Responses

Standard Interest Rates or Cost

Rates Starting as Low as Prime + or Libor +
Average Term Limits
30 Day Bridge Loans — 30 Year Terms
Available Capital Limit
$10k—$100mm depending on the Business Financing Product.
Typical Underwriting TimeLine
1-30 Business Days depending on the Business Financing Product

In closing, AmeriDream Capital was formed by a team of seasoned veterans that decided to bring their talents from the Investment Banking Industry, the Mortgage Industry, the Insurance Industry, and the Business Financing world.

We work tirelessly for every client to achieve their business financing goals. We have built a reputation as the leading Full-Service Business Financing firm.

Here at AmeriDream Capital, we also work closely with the SBA to help local businesses continue to thrive. AmeriDream Capital has a team of seasoned Business Financing Consultants that specialize in providing clients with access to 20 different business financing products on the market. Please apply online, email us for an appointment, or call us today. Our team is committed to helping your business grow with Business Financing of any sort and will guide you through the loan process each step of the way.

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