Construction Factoring

Construction Factoring

Construction factoring is a business financing product that allows Construction industry companies to access up to 85% of their outstanding invoice values, for completed and approved work, except change orders.

Construction Factoring buys your outstanding invoices for a discounted price and then takes over collections. Do you operate a Construction subcontractor who is stuck on an average Net 30 to net 60 business days or even up to net 90 business days, before your company gets paid for a job by a General Contractor or a Large Commercial Construction client?

Delays in payments can create cash flow problems that lead to ripple effects ranging from how to pay employees, down to construction suppliers or how many construction jobs your company can take on at one time.

Construction Factoring may be a great tool for your business to use to provide liquidity to your construction company’s bottom line. Instead of waiting the full term until your clients pay their Construction Invoices. 

The team here at AmeriDream Capital could provide your Construction company with some of the best Construction Factoring programs in the industry.  This solution provides you with immediate funds to put back into the business and take on more projects.

Here are just some of the types of subcontractors that can benefit from our services: 

  • Utility Construction Companies 
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  • Landscaping Business
  • Roofing Companies
  • Drywall Installation Companies 
  • Demolition & Excavation Companies 
  • Steel & Rebar Installation Companies 
  • Post Construction cleanup
  • Light & Heavy Industrial Construction staffing
  • Plumbing Subcontractors