We are a Full-Service Business Financing Firm with Consultants
that can cater to over 1200 Industries

What is Industry Specific Financing?

AmeriDream Capital is run by a team that is able to work with businesses of all sizes in over 1200 different Industries. Our Consultants either have direct prior experience within a specific industry or a lot of experience working with a set of industries to provide them access to capital.

We pride ourselves on taking a deep look into every business we get a chance to work with. Analyzing not only how a company fits within their industry but also what their doing or trying to do to set themselves apart within their industry. Once a member of our team is able to dive deep into a company we are able to help them best secure the financing they need to excel within their industry. 


Our goal is to be our client's trusted business financing partner from inception to the day they sell their business.


ADC Business Consultants are here to offer our clients all of their years of experience in providing capital to companies to grow and expand.

What Industries do we Provide Access to Financing?

We provide access to well over 1,200 industries to obtain Business Financing when they request it. Please see a list below on just a brief list of the industries we work to the core to provide them with the best access to 20 different Business Financing products. Do not be alarmed if your business’s industry is not listed.

That’s ok, with over $500mm in Business Financing provided to businesses across so many industries, odds are that we have already worked with your industry before and are ready to work with almost any industry to help them secure the capital they desire. 

construction FINANCING








Additional Industries that we provide financing for?

Wholesale and Distribution Industry Financing

Hotel and Accommodation Industry Financing

Retail Industry Financing

Car Service, Limousines, & Rental Car Industry Financing

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industry Financing

Cosmetics Industry Financing

Adult Care and Senior Living Industry Financing

Liquor Store Industry Financing Financing

Textile Industry Financing

Real Estate Industry Financing

Fitness & Wellness Industry Financing

Concert Promotion Industry Financing

E-Commerce Industry Financing

Equipment Vendor Industry Financing

Bar and NightClub Industry Financing

Event Planning Industry Financing

Private Education Industry Financing

Deli, Convenience Store and Gas Station Industry Financing

Marijuana Dispensaries and CBD Industry Financing

Dry Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, and Laundromat Industry Financing

Landscaping, Nursery, and Paving Industry Financing

Health, Life, and Auto Insurance Industry Financing

Metal Manufacturing and Fabrication Industry Financing

Pets and Pet Supply Industry Financing

Aviation Training and Repair Industry Financing

Day Care, Child Care, and Early Childhood Education Industry Financing

Furniture Store and Furniture Manufacturing Industry Financing


We have custom-tailored options to meet a company's specific needs. ADC works diligently to provide each client with funding terms that fit their goals.


We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for every client that we work with and excel at delivering the capital they desire to grow their business.


Standard Interest Rates or Cost

Rates Starting as low as Prime + or Libor +


Typical Underwriting TimeLine

1-30 Business days depending on the Business Financing Product


Available Capital Limit

From $10k—-$100mm per Entity


Average Term Limits

1 year — 25 years depending on the Business Financing Product

In Closing, We understand every industry is unique and their funding needs differ just the same. Whether it’s a restaurant that needs a new oven, a bar that needs to replace a few taps, a retail store that wants to change over inventory for the new season, every business in every industry needs that dedicated service to reach their goals.

AmeriDream Capital has a team of seasoned Business Financing Consultants that are ready to work with nearly every industry to secure capital. Please apply online, email us for an appointment, or call us today.  Our team is committed to helping your business grow within your industry with the right partner to guide you through the funding process each step of the way.  

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