Inventory Financing

Inventory Financing

Inventory Financing is a business capital product that allows companies to pledge their current inventory as collateral, in exchange for an Asset-Based Line of Credit.

If the Inventory is valued at under $1mm then the line will be based on up to 50% of the value of the inventory. If the Inventory is valued at over $1mm then the line will be based on 85%  of either the Net Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV) or the Forced Sale Liquidation Value (FLV).

There will be a team that comes out and conducts an appraisal of your company’s equipment in order to determine it’s true net value. Inventory Financing is potentially a great funding option for businesses that have inventory in stock.

The company could redirect that excess unlocked liquidity to help improve the company’s cash flow, hire additional workers, focus on marketing among a myriad of options.

This type of financing is useful for companies sitting on excess slow-moving inventory currently on hand. Inventory Financing could work well for retailers like a clothing store or a beauty supply store.

Inventory Financing could also work well for product manufacturers especially if they make and sell consumer goods. These are just two industries that could potentially benefit from Inventory Financing.

As long as a company has inventory on hand that could be pledged as collateral, then Inventory Financing could possibly benefit that business. Inventory Financing offers an additional benefit that is common among Asset Based Lending products.

Inventory Financing has the ability to grow with the business the more inventory the company has on hand the bigger the line of credit that is backed by the inventory can get.

The more capital on hand a company has access to the more it can grow and scale. Making Inventory Financing an ideal product for companies with inventory on hand and their eyes set on growth.

AmeriDream Capital is ready to work hard for our clients to help them maximize the full capital potential of any qualified inventory a company has on hand by utilizing Inventory Financing.