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What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice Financing is Business Financing products that are funded by a bank or non-bank lender that a company to either sell or pledge one, some or all of the invoice receivables that are owed to them by their clients. In exchange for an upfront advance of capital for up to 95% of the full value of their invoice receivables. These are not loans. The invoice is the collateral for the funding awarded.

Invoice Financing can provide a myriad of quick funding options in as little as 24 to up to 48 hours.

Why do companies use Invoice Financing?

Most large scale commercial clients demand that their suppliers and servicers accept invoice terms. Anywhere from net 15 to up to net 90 business days in terms or more. Some big-box retailers and top tier clients can demand their suppliers and servicers accept terms that exceed net 90 business days.
lmost all businesses that provide goods or services to the B2B Sector with an invoice receivable from a creditworthy client can utilize Invoice Financing whether the Invoice term is anywhere from net 15 to net 90 business days, if the companies want to free up working capital, then these products can help.

The two main products that a business can use to finance invoice receivables are Factoring Financing and Accounts Receivables Financing.

Factoring Financing involves a bank or non-bank lender purchasing a companies invoice receivables and advancing the business up to 95% of the face value of their sold invoice receivables.  Please take a look at our page for a full review of how Factoring Financing works for businesses.

Accounts Receivable Financing involves a company pledging not selling their invoice receivables to a bank or non-bank lender. In exchange for a lesser advance rate of up to 85% of the full value of the invoice/receivable, a company can maintain the invoice collection relationship with their clients.

Please visit our page for further information on how Accounts Receivables Financing can benefit a business.

Our goal is to be our client's trusted business financing partner from inception to the day they sell their business.
ADC Business Consultants are here to offer our clients all of their years of experience in providing capital to companies to grow and expand.

More products that we focus on?

We have custom-tailored options to meet a company's specific needs. ADC works diligently to provide each client with funding terms that fit their goals.
We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for every client that we work with and excel at delivering the capital they desire to grow their business.
Available Capital Limit

Up to $10m+ per Invoice.

Standard Interest Rates or Cost

Rates Starting as low as 1.5% for the first 30 days

Typical Underwriting TimeLine

3-10 Business days

Average Term Limits

12 to 24 Month Terms

In closing, According to a report, the total invoice volume for 2019 surpassed $550 billion in North America alone. Companies selling goods or services to the B2B Industry have to deal with invoice terms that can range from as little as net 15 to up to net 60 business days on average. Words can be shorter at times, and they more than likely are longer the more significant the client. Invoice Financing products offer an outlet to companies with large B2B Commercial clients and lengthy payment terms.

AmeriDream Capital has a team of seasoned Business Financing Consultants that specialize in providing clients with access to all the best Invoice Financing products on the market. Please apply online, email us for an appointment, or call us today. Our team is committed to helping your business grow with Invoice Financing of any sort and will guide you through the loan process each step of the way.

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