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Major HR Issues Businesses Can Expect to Face in 2019

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Every business or organization needs a person to organize and manage the wellbeing of staff and answer any questions as assistance on extensive information. Your business could highly benefit from having personnel in charge of issues related directly to clients and employees. So, as a business owner, your focus could efficiently work in other areas. HR is an effective management tool to keep a business structured and organized.

However, Human Resources (HR) has been one of the key management challenges for small businesses in recent years. HR practices becoming increasingly complex and complicated. Small businesses struggle with human resource management due to a few implemented policies. They are likely to face several roadblocks along the way in the future as well.

Stepping into the new year, some of the major HR issues small businesses can expect to face in 2019 include:

Sexual Harassment Prevention

The #MeToo movement brought about some significant shifts in the enforcement of sexual harassment prevention in the workplace in 2018. There were legislative changes as well. And, the same can be expected in 2019. In order to ensure compliance with these sexual harassment prevention acts, small businesses need to introduce more stringent policies and keep a close check on employee interactions both within and outside the workplace. HR officials also need to introduce training sessions for sexual harassment prevention in the workplace.

Managing Remote Employees

Remote working has become a common trend for employees these days. While this offers several cost-cutting benefits for small businesses, managing these remote employees can also be somewhat of a challenge for the human resource division. Some of them are:

  • Improving communication between employees and their manager through new technologies
  • Arranging events for face-to-face interactions of the team
  • Hiring individuals that can still be productive in spite of working remotely and without constant supervision

Creating a sense of belonging between these employees and the company by encouraging engagement through virtual spaces such as social networking sites

Payroll Issues

Managing remote or freelance workers can cause issues in payroll generation. Many remote and freelance workers expect to be paid in real-time for their work. Since small businesses face cash flow issues in the beginning, managing instant payments for work done can be an issue. Failure to do so makes it very difficult for human resource managers. So, to keep these employees happy and more efforts need to be made to retain them.

Small businesses facing cash flow problems can look to solutions like inventory financing and account receivable financing. By stabilizing cash flow using these methods, it can become significantly easier for HR managers to deal with employee retention and compensation benefits.

Revised Leave Policies

Last year, more than forty jurisdictions at local and state levels implemented revised paid leave policies, and there are several more that have been scheduled for implementation in 2019. Although most of these paid leave laws do not pose a problem for employers. Laws regarding paid family leaves have proven to be troublesome for employers in general and are likely to affect small businesses to an even larger extent. Managing these new policies also requires HR to conduct periodic reporting of elements like employee hours, deductions and wages, which can be time-consuming and also raises costs.

In closing, to help further assist you with your business’ Human Resources department, one potential solution that is becoming increasingly popular these days is outsourcing HR management. If you’re a small business owner struggling to tackle some of the issues described above, we can suggest outsourcing your human resource management to a reliable team of professionals that can improve your human resource performance and also increase the overall productivity of the company.

At AmeriDream Capital, we direct financing clients who are interested in business development ideas to a business-development-related company,

If your business is considering improving its HR department, we highly recommend either a full-service business development company like Lyftbiz. Lyftbiz is a specialty management company or perhaps hiring a person in house to focus on the companies HR needs. 

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