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Manufacturing Industry Financing

Manufacturing companies have to stay up to date with the newest high tech equipment in order to not only increase efficiency but stay competitive. These machines and equipment can be over tens of thousands of dollars. Moreover, they have a short life span before needing to be replaced again. So, this can cause manufacturing companies to keep constantly shelling out thousands of dollars on equipment. Everyone wants to find a way to save money. Furthermore, once the company delivers on goods they typically have to wait to be paid over a net 30, net 60, or worse case a net 90-day cycle all while keeping the facility up to standards and covering all payroll demands.

AmeriDream Capital & Manufacture Financing

AmeriDream Capital’s founders have years of experience with funding the manufacturing industry. We have seen companies large and small and yet have taken care of all of their needs. Therefore, we would love the chance to go to work for your manufacturing business.

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