Medical Receivable Factoring

Medical Receivable Factoring and Medical Receivable Financing 

Medical Receivable Factoring is a financial tool that allows a Healthcare Provider to sell their Medical Invoices for up to 95% of the Invoice’s face value.

Medical Receivable Financing does not purchase the companies invoices, instead, it grants a healthcare provider an Asset Based credit line for up to 85% of the providers owed invoices.

The line is collateralized by the net realized value of the company Invoices. Both products only accept billings to third-party payors (i.e. commercial insurance companies, HMOs, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Medicare, and Medicaid).

Is your company waiting to get your medical invoice claims paid? Perhaps Medical Receivables Factoring or Financing is the solution, to insurance invoice delays while your Practice awaits payment.

Whether your Medical Practice/Facility is waiting anywhere from net 30-day terms to net 90-day terms or longer.

Slow payments from Private Medical Insurance companies, Medicare, and or Medicaid, can affect your companies cash flow and prevent you from running your healthcare business properly and efficiently.

Medical Receivable Factoring or Financing are products that many health care providers utilize to provide liquidity to their Medical Businesses. Your practice could use either program to provide you with funds to pay employees, purchase additional suppliers, and cover facility expenses.

More importantly, it provides you with predictable cash flow which could provide you with the freedom to focus on running your business better.

Our team at AmeriDream Capital is ready to fight to obtain for you the most competitive rates and the highest advance percentages per invoice available, for Medical Receivable Factoring and Medical Receivable Financing.