Oil & Gas Financing

Oil & Gas Financing and Energy Factoring 

Oil & Gas Factoring and Energy Factoring are tools that allow oil, gas, and energy-related companies to Factor up to 90% of the value of their Invoices for either oil, gas, and energy services provided to their end-user clients.

Oil & Gas Financing does not purchase the companies invoices, instead, it grants an Asset Based credit line for up to 85% of the providers owed invoices.

The Asset-Based Credit line is collateralized by the net realized value of the company Invoices.

The majority of oil, gas, fuel, and energy clients typically demand that their service providers accept invoice terms ranging from net 30 to up to net 90 days for payment.

In some cases depending on how large the client, payment terms can exceed net 90 business days.

Instead of waiting for net 30 to net 60 days or longer on a customer payment, your company can build cash flow by selling its invoices or taking an advance against its invoices and receiving the same or next-day payment.

Oil & Gas Financing or Energy Factoring could unlock a major portion of a company’s liquidity. Whether via Factoring or Financing Asset-Based Line against the invoices, either option could help scale the business.

Maintaining strong cash flow is crucial to operate your business through the ups and downs of the Oil & Gas and in the Energy industry…

AmeriDream Capital can provide customized Oil & Gas Financing and Energy Factoring solutions that could help you manage operating expenses without taking on additional debt.

We feel we excel at providing access to fast funding, highly competitive advance rates, with no hidden fees.

Oil & Gas Financing and Energy Factoring grants access to funding based on your customers’ credit and profile, not so much your company’s credit, profile, and business history.

Plus since the awarded capital is based on your invoices, the limits on funding as your company grows are endless.