Purchase Order Financing is a business financing product that allows companies to be awarded capital to purchase from 75% to up to 100% of their supply cost to fulfill a specific Purchase Order. 

Purchase Order Finance can either pay a companies supplier directly or issue the supplier some form of a Letter of Credit.

Purchase Order Financing offers a variety of options to a wide selection of industries, small businesses, and vendors who supply and make products.

Congratulations! The product sold, a company has its first order. However, the business lacks the capital to get the goods to its customers.

Utilizing Purchase Order Financing our team here at AmeriDream Capital assists our clients to obtain the capital needed to be able to turn a purchase order into a delivered product which thus becomes an owed invoice.

Our goal is to create two happy parties in one transaction – Our client who was able to receive the funds to fulfill a specific order and their happy client who was able to receive the products ordered.

Purchase Order Financing is a great potential option to grow and scale a business.

By utilizing Purchasing Order Financing a company can take on additional orders from new and existing clients, knowing that the business can have access to the capital needed to fulfill each purchase order.

Since Purchase Order Financing, is always backed by some form of Receivables Financing. Then as soon as each purchase order is converted to an invoice for payment upon delivery to the client.

The Receivables Financing will use the invoice as collateral in order to provide liquidity to the company prior to the invoice’s actual payment date.

Commercial Invoices are typically paid on terms ranging from the standard net 30 to the net 60 business days range. Although invoice payment terms can be as short as net 15 business days to as much as net 90 business days or more.

On top of which it may take anywhere from net 15 up to net 60 business days to convert a purchase order to an invoice by fulfilling and delivering to your client.

Purchase Order Financing could be a great option to help a company expand and take the business to higher heights.

AmeriDream Capital and our team are here to help companies and their owners achieve all the best benefits that Purchase Order Financing can offer a business.